Town Manager

In 2001 the Town of River Bend, by referendum, changed from the Mayor-Town Council form of government to the Council-Manager form and hired its first Town Manager. The Manager is appointed by, and directly responsible to, the Town Council and is responsible for carrying out the policies established by the elected body. Acting as the chief administrative officer of the Town, the manager’s duties include supervision of all Town staff, serving as Budget Officer, and making recommendations to the Council regarding policy matters.

Using this form of government allows the elected officials to concentrate on the long range planning and providing general guidance to ensure the long-term viability of the Town rather than becoming mired down in the day-to-day administration of government.

Since changing to the Council – Manager form of government, River Bend has been served by the following:

  • Eric Pearson 2001 through 2004
  • Randy Beeman 2004 through 2007
  • Drew Havens 2007 through July 2014
  • Delane Jackson October 2014 through present


Town Manager

Delane Jackson

(252) 638-3870  ext. 213