Advisory Boards

Advisory Board Positions Available Now

The Town of River Bend has several Advisory Boards to assist the Town in its operation. The Boards are comprised of town citizens. Members of the Advisory Boards are appointed by the Town Council. The rules that govern their operation can be found in Section 3.05 of the Town’s Code of Ordinances. Two of the Advisory Boards currently have vacancies. There is one vacancy on the Environment and Waterways Advisory Board (EWAB), and there are three vacancies on the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (P&R). The Town Council will take action at its February 21 meeting to make appointments to these Boards. If you are interested in serving in this capacity, you should complete an application and submit it to the Town Clerk by 4:00 p.m. on February 20.  If you are interested in serving on any of the Town’s Advisory Boards, you can submit an application now and your application will be considered if a vacancy occurs. We retain applications for one year after they have been submitted

The Town of River Bend employs the services of several volunteer advisory boards to assist with various aspects of planning Town projects and services.

Residents wishing to take an active role in Town businesses may apply for an appointment to one of River Bend's several Advisory Boards. These Boards meet monthly to discuss Town policies, planning and other relevant matters. Advisory Boards present their recommendations to the Town Council for further discussion and action.

Any resident wishing to serve on a Town Advisory Board may apply at Town Hall. The Town Council appoints most advisory board members for two-year terms.

Community Appearance Commission

The CAC assists in providing leadership and guidance in matters of community design and appearance.

Environmental/Waterways Advisory Board

The EWAB assists in providing leadership and guidance in matters of waterways usage, quality and maintenance as well as environmental issues affecting the Town.

Parks & Recreation Board

The P&RB assists in the development and use of public parks and playgrounds, athletic fields and other recreational facilities owned or controlled by the Town. It helps organize concerts, July 4th activities and other special events.

Planning Board

The Planning Board helps set policy on development of the Town and recommends amendments to zoning ordinances. It assists in preparing ordinances promoting orderly development of the Town.

Board of Adjustment

The BOA is a quasi-judicial body. Its purpose is to review and rule on permitted variances regarding zoning matters. Its members serve three-year terms.

Public Works Advisory Board

The PWAB advises the Council and Manager on public works issues including water and sewer matters, storm water drainage, public roads and public buildings.