Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

The purpose of the Board is to advise the Town Council (Council) and Manager on parks and recreation issues to include, but not be limited to, town parks and recreation areas, safety matters in town parks and recreation areas, and recreational activities in town parks and recreation areas. The Board shall work on other issues assigned by the Council or Manager. The Board shall propose principles, goals, and methods, and offer guidance to the Council and Manager on parks and recreation issues (§ 3.05.001).

Parks & Recreation Board Members

Mary Dwyer

Janet Nawojski

Francine Rice

Meg Williams

Nancy Fogle

Pat Lineback




Powers and Duties of Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (§ 3.05.002)

POWERS AND DUTIES (§ 3.05.002)

The Board shall report to the Town Council and shall have the following powers and duties:

(A) At the direction of the Council and Manager, conduct studies and make recommendations on matters relating to parks and recreation issues.

(B) Review operational reports and expenditures, and prepare recommendations to the Council and Manager on ways to improve parks and recreation operations and finances.

(C) At their request, assist the Council and Manager in the resolution of complaints and concerns registered by the town's citizens, governmental agencies, or other entities.

(D) All Board reports, recommendations, or requests for actions shall be coordinated, as appropriate, with other town boards working through the Manager and Council.

(E) The Board shall prepare no later than March of each year, a written report to the Council outlining major actions taken over the past year in parks and recreation, and

outlining recommended actions the respective departments, Manager and Council should take in the outlying years. This report shall be consulted in the preparation of the budget and Capital Improvement Plan of the Town.

(F) Because the Board is advisory in purpose, no Board member shall make, or have the authority to make, any contractual or financial obligations or arrangements on behalf of, or for, the town.


(A) There shall be 7 members of the Board, to be appointed by the Council for 2-year staggered terms with 3 members' terms expiring in 1 year and 4 members' terms expiring in the following year. All members shall serve without compensation. The terms of office vacancy, in which the term would begin immediately and end when the term was scheduled to end.

(B) All members shall be residents of the Town's planning and zoning jurisdictions.

(C) The Council may remove a Board member only by taking a public vote. A Board member who misses 3 consecutive meetings without being excused by the Board shall be considered to have resigned membership in the Board. The vacancy shall be filled by the Council.


awardRiver Bend Community Organic Garden Earns the President's Volunteer Service Award










people receiving awardMayor John Kirkland and Councilwoman Luci Avery presented the River Bend Community Organic Garden with the President's Volunteer Service Award.










people receiving awardMayor John Kirkland and Councilwoman Luci Avery Presented Janet Nawojski with an Award for Her Dedicated Work in the Town's Memorial Garden

Meeting Schedule

Regular Meeting 1st Wednesday 7:00 PM

River Bend Municipal Building