The Town of River Bend operates under the Council-Manager form of government. All five members of the Town Council are popularly elected to serve four year terms. Terms of office are staggered so an election for at least a portion of the Council is held every two years.

The Mayor is elected directly by the voters to serve a four-year term, presides at all meetings of the Town Council, and represents the Town at official functions. The Mayor, and each member of the Town Council, also serve as liaisons to Advisory Boards, or in other administrative capacities, to support the function of the Town. The Mayor Pro Tempore is a member of the Council, selected by the Council, to assume the duties of the Mayor in the Mayor’s absence.

The Town Council appoints a Town Manager to handle the administrative affairs of the Town. The Manager is the supervisor of Town staff and, by law, the Town’s budget officer. The Manager provides the Town Council with regular reports regarding the operational and financial condition of the Town and works with the Council to establish and implement long-range plans.