2024 Golf Cart Registration

2024 Golf Cart Registration Stickers Are Available Now! See details below:


River Bend residents may drive their properly equipped golf carts on Town streets provided that they are inspected by and registered with our Police Depart­ment.

Inspection and registration are ­required annually.

The registration fee for each golf cart is $10.


How to Register a Golf Cart to Operate on Town Roads

  • Call the Police Department (252.638.1108) and request a golf cart inspection.
  • A Police Officer will perform the initial inspection at your residence (so as not to require the illegal operation of the cart on Town streets). Subsequent annual inspections of a currently registered cart may be conducted at the Police Department.
  • The Police Officer will complete the Golf Cart Registration / Inspection form, provide you a copy of this brochure, and have you sign the Registration / Inspection Form.
  • The Police officer will give you the top copy of the Registration / Inspection form and retain the second copy.
  • You then must bring the completed Registration / Inspection form to the Town Hall during normal business hours, pay the appropriate fee, and be issued the registration decal and a receipt for the payment of the fee.
  • The registration decal, in accordance with the Town Code, must be affixed in a conspicuous place on the lower left windshield on the cart.
  • Each registration is valid for a period that runs from January 1st through December 31st. The registration fee will not be pro rated for decals purchased during the registration period.