*Updated* Information on Town Council Vacancy

On January 14th, 2021, the Town Council interviewed two candidates to fill the current vacancy. Click HERE to view the council vacancy interview process.


Information on Town Council Vacancy

Harry McClard recently resigned from the River Bend Town Council. Two River Bend residents have applied to be appointed to that position. They are Barbara J. Maurer and Jeffrey A. Weaver. Part of the application process was for all applicants to submit a letter of interest to the Mayor. The letter of interest from each applicant follows below.

The next step in the process will be the interview phase. The Town Council will interview each applicant at its January 14 work session. Each applicant will be given an opportunity to make an opening statement. Then each Council member will be given an opportunity to ask each applicant two questions. Each applicant will be given the same amount of time to respond to the questions. The final step in the process will occur at the January 21 Town Council meeting. At that meeting the Council will vote to make an appointment. The person selected will take the Oath of Office on January 21 and will immediately begin to serve as a member of the Town Council.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, seating is limited in the Council Meeting Room at Town Hall. We have made arrangements with CTV-10 to record and later air the Council work session so that anyone interested in viewing the interview process may do so by video. Please feel free to contact the Mayor or any of the current Town Council members to offer your input in this process.

Letter of Interest - Barbara Maurer