New Leaf & Limb Rules

Leaf and Limb Collection Changes

Major changes are coming to the town’s Leaf and Limb (L&L) collection service. It is very important that you read this entire document. Beginning on July 1, 2022 the town’s new L&L contract becomes effective. The Town Council recently approved changes to the L&L ordinance which will impact how L&L service is provided to you.

The major change is related to bagging of leaves. Until now, leaves were required to be bagged and tagged. Effective July 1, bagging of leaves is prohibited. Bagging of leaves will not be optional. Any leaves that are bagged will NOT be collected by the town. The reason for the change is because our contractor will be using a leaf vacuum to collect the leaves. A leaf vacuum works just like any other type of vacuum except that it is much larger and more powerful. The reasons for moving to a leaf vacuum are manifold. It will speed up the process. A vacuum is much faster than the current process. It will be more effective because fewer leaves will be left behind. It will reduce the town’s cost for this service, which allows the service to be provided to residents without the assessment of a user fee. It eliminates the labor and costs associated with bagging and tagging for residents. You may place a tarp over your leaves if you like. It must be a lightweight tarp that can easily be removed to gain access to the leaves.   

In the past, the leaves were bagged and tagged by residents. Then they were collected by the contractor and moved to a holding area. Once all bags were collected, they were manually opened and emptied then reloaded for transport to the landfill. The leaves are grinded into mulch at the landfill. Plastic bags are not allowed to be grinded into the mulch, which is why the leaves had to be removed from the bags by the contractor. Obviously, that process was very labor intensive. Utilizing a leaf vacuum will eliminate the second handling of the leaves. Another change is that grass clippings are now allowed to be collected. You may combine your grass clippings and leaves in the same pile. 

Nothing has changed about limbs. Limbs will be collected in the same manner as before. However, it is important to remember that leaves and grass clippings CANNOT be combined with limbs. The leaf vacuum cannot vacuum limbs. Do not combine leaves and limbs. Any piles of leaves that contain limbs will not be collected. Remember not to place debris next to mailboxes, water meters, street lights, etc.    

Following is the L&L collection schedule for the new fiscal year, which begins on July 1. Nothing has changed about it. Please determine your zone and follow the dates for it. Do not place any L&L beside the road for collection prior to the published debris placement dates. The debris placement date is the earliest that you are allowed to place debris. The pick-up day is the day on which the collection of debris is scheduled to begin. You must have your debris placed by the road BEFORE the scheduled pick-up date. For example, the first L&L collection cycle will take place in July. All L&L in Zone 1 for that collection cycle must be placed by the road between June 29 and July 4. Pick-up for that zone is scheduled to begin on July 5, therefore the last day to place debris by the road BEFORE collection begins is July 4. If you wait until July 5 to place your debris by the road, the contractor may have already worked past your home. The contractor is not required to pick up any L&L that is placed after he passes your home. The contractor makes one round per street. Follow the schedule and you will not be missed.

The town does not provide collection of solid waste commonly known as brown goods (furniture, lumber, etc.) or white goods (appliance, metal, etc.). The only waste that we collect are those described in the attached L&L schedule. For more details visit our web page at to see Chapter 9.02.030 of the Town Ordinances, which contains our L&L rules and more.  


                                                                                                                                                Posted 5-27-22