Metronet Is Coming To Town

We are pleased to announce that Metronet is extending their services to River Bend. They will soon be installing underground lines in the rights-of-way along the town’s streets. You will soon be seeing painted lines on the ground near your home. Those lines indicate the location of other underground lines, such as water, sewer, telecom, gas, etc. Those lines are located so that Metronet can try to avoid them during installation. They will be making great efforts to keep the construction-related impacts to a minimum.  

Please be advised that Metronet has an easement to work in the town’s rights-of-way. Individuals do not own the land that is in the rights-of-way. That land is owned by the Town of River Bend. Metronet does not need permission from an individual resident to work on Town-owned property. The town has already given them that permission. Metronet hopes to have the new system in operation by Thanksgiving. Metronet is not working for the Town of River Bend. We are not responsible for their actions. For specific questions, comments or complaints about their service or this project, you should contact at 877-386-3876.  Also, there will be a Metronet representative on site and you are welcome to speak with him.       

Click here for more information about their plans.