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Click here for a history of River Bend, recounting the time from its founding as a subdivision to its incorporation as a Town. This history is reproduced from a document published for the Town’s 10th anniversary celebration.



According to the U.S. Census Bureau (2010 Census) River Bend had 3,155 residents with a median age of 56.8 years. 57% of our population over 16 years old was listed as “not in the labor force” in 2010. This reflects the level of retirees in Town. Of those in the labor force, less than one percent were listed as unemployed.

24% of our population are veterans of the armed forces, compared to a national percentage of 10%.

In the population 25 years and older, 93% are high school graduates and 27% have a bachelors degree or higher.

The median household income recorded in the 2010 Census was $48,547 compared to a national median household income of $51,914.

Only 4% of our population has an income below the poverty level, compared to a national poverty rate of 10%.

In 2010 the median value of our single family homes was $195,900 compared to a national median of $188,400. Nearly 80% of our single-family homes are owner occupied.





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