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The Town of River Bend maintains 16.48 miles of paved streets within our corporate limits. Our workers do minor pothole repair, mow the roadsides, and work to maintain the street and traffic control signs.


Our contracted engineer prepares a Roadway Evaluation Survey that details the paving needs of our streets. Using this information we allocate our state funding (and local funding as needed) to contract to have paving and marking done each year. The benefit of having the annual review is that the roads that need the most attention are paved first. Click on the link to the left for the more information, including a list, in priority order, of our roadway improvement plans.


Stormwater Management

The Department of Public Works also maintains a system of culverts, open swales, and other facilities designed to ensure that stormwater is moved through town efficiently. Stormwater ponds at the front entrance to Town and near Ritter Field are designed to increase stormwater storage and improve water quality by allowing contaminants to settle before the water makes it way to the receiving stream. The Ritter Field pond was a joint project between the Town and North Carolina State University as a demonstration of stormwater best management practice.


The Public Works Advisory Board evaluated several stormwater improvement projects and provided the Town Council with a list of projects to contemplate as funding becomes available.



  • After Hours Water/Sewer Emergencies

    After Hours Water/Sewer


    Page our on-call water/sewer operator at


    If you do  not hear back from the on-call operator within 15 minutes, call the River Bend Police non-emergency number: 252.638.1108

  • Public Works Staff

    Director of Public Works

    Brandon Mills

    252.638.3870, ext. 206


    Public Works Technicians

    Mike Steffa

    Chad Massengill

    Nolan Solomon

    252.638.3870, ext 207


  • Street Light Out?

  • Paving Plan


    The Town of River Bend is responsible for the maintenance and repair of public roads within the Corporate Limits of the Town. It is the Town’s desire to utilize our limited resources for roadway

    maintenance in a responsible manner, addressing maintenance and repair needs on a prioritized basis that will result in the best long-term performance of  the roadway system. In order to accomplish this  objective, an assessment of roadway conditions and  maintenance priorities is needed.

    To that end, the Town contracted with Avolis  Engineering, P.A. to perform such an assessment in  2007 as an update to similar work this firm  completed in 2003. Engineers inspected all public

    roads and documented the repair needs and traffic  loads on each in order to prioritize each roadway in  the maintenance plan. The list below shows the  result of the 2007 study (less the roadway done in  2007).



    1          Gatewood
                Plantation to Pinewood

    2          Gatewood
                Pinewood to Tar Landing

    3          Plantation
                Gull Pointe to  Shoreline (north)

    4          Gatewood
                Tar Landing to End

    5          Masters Court

    6          Gangplank - Loop Road

    7          Anchor Way (south)

    8          Knollwood

    9          Bowline

    10        Commander's Circle

    11        Seafarers

    12        Boatswain

    13        Sailors

    14        Mulberry (n/s)

    15        Starboard

    16        Raft

    17        Sextant

    18        Barbara

    19        Lantern

    20        Clipper

    21        Virginia

    22        New Hampshire

    23        Massachusetts

    24        Wakefield

    25        Sandpiper

    26        Canebrake

    27        Carriage House

    28        Efird

    29        Wildwood

    30        Westchester

    31        Pinewood

    32        Lochbridge

    33        Lakemere

    34        Pilot

    35        Plantation
                (Pinewood to End)

    36        Stillwater

    37        Portside

    38        Mulberry (e/w)

    39        Gentry

    40        Esquire

    41        Compass

    42        Captains

    43        Bayswater

    44        North Carolina

    45        Oakleaf

    46        Norbury

    47        Margo

    48        Lauren

    49        Gull Pointe

    50        Courtney

    51        Bluff

    52        Shoreline
               (Intersection 17  to new pavement)

    53        Rockledge

    54        Randomwood

    55        Shoreline

    56        Mariners

    57        Knotline

    58        Ketch

    59        Anchor Way (north)

    60        Pier Pointe

    61        Brentwood

    62        Nautical

    63        Outrigger

    64        Pirates
                Shoreline to Wakefield

    65        Plantation
                 East of Shoreline

    66        Plantation
                Shoreline to Pinewood

    67        Channel Run

    68        Teakwood

    69        Willowbrook

    70        Tar Landing

    71        Quarterdeck

    72        Parkwood

    73        Gangplank

    74        Baywood

    75        Old Brick Road


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