Important CENSUS 2020 Information

River Bend residents:

I cannot overstate how important it is for every River Bend resident to be counted in the 2020 Census. I have recently spoken with a RB resident who is also a Census taker. He says that 100’s of homes have not responded. If there are multiple people living in those homes, that could represent many 100’s of people that are not being counted. That could easily result in the loss of $1000’s for the Town of River Bend. Many Federal and State funds are distributed based on our population. Being undercounted literally gives money that we should receive to another town. Failure to be properly counted and receive our fair share of funding could result in revenue loss for the town that requires increasing other revenue sources to offset the loss. The money that the Federal and State Governments distributes based on the Census is derived from Federal and State taxes that we all pay. Who doesn’t want to get our fair share of that money back? If we do not get it back, another town will get it. The best and easiest way for you to do your part so that RB can get its part, is to simply be counted. Please be counted. September 30 is the last day to be counted. If a Census taker knocks on your door, that means that you have not responded yet. They will help you respond. Please, check their Census credentials, then let them help you be counted. Or you can simply click on the link below and respond yourself.

 Ask your neighbor if they have been counted. If they are having trouble, help them. Share this message on social media. Encourage others to respond. The Census only takes place every 10 years. If we are not completely counted in 2020, it will be 2030 before we get our next chance. Losing funding due to an undercount in 2020 will result in the loss of funding for us for the next 10 years!  

 If you have been counted, tie a red ribbon around your mailbox post and leave it there for the month of September as a sign to let your fellow residents know that you have done your part.  If your neighbor does not have a red ribbon displayed, encourage them to be counted.    

 Thank you,

 Delane Jackson

Town Manager