Each year in North Carolina all property owners are required to list their taxable property with the County Assessor’s Office. This is not a new process. However, due to the impacts from Hurricane Florence, this year’s property listing process may be of even more importance to you.


On December 27, the attached letter from Craven County will be mailed to property owners who are known to have sustained property damage from Hurricane Florence. However, there is a chance that your property was damaged but the County is not aware of it and you may not receive the letter. If you do not, you should contact the Craven County Tax Department at 252-636-6640.





The questionnaire that is mentioned in the letter can be completed on line.






The Town of River Bend does not have any involvement in this process. It is a function of Craven County. Please direct any questions or comments to Craven County.


You may also email Craven County at:


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