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  • C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Team)

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  • House Check Form


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    House Check Form

  • Golf Cart Registration

    Golf Carts as Transportation

    River Bend residents may drive their properly equipped golf carts on Town streets provided that they are inspected by and registered with our Police Depart­ment. Inspection and registration are ­required annually. The registration fee for each golf cart is $10.

    A police officer will perform the initial inspection at your residence (so as not to require the illegal operation of the cart on Town streets). Subsequent annual inspections of a currently registered cart may be conducted at the Police Department.

    The police officer will complete the Golf Cart Registration­/Inspection form for your ­signature. The officer will give you the top copy of the form and retain the second copy.

    You then must bring the completed form to Town Hall during normal business hours, pay the $10 fee, and you will be issued the registration decal and a receipt for the payment of the fee.

    The registration decal, in accordance with the Town Code, must be affixed in a conspicuous location on the lower left windshield on the cart.

    Each registration is valid for a period that runs from January 1st through December 31st. The registration fee will not be pro rated for decals purchased during the registration period.

    Town Hall staff will mail out renewal notices at least 30 days prior to the January 1st renewal date.

  • Golf Cart Inspection Process

    Golf Cart Inspection Process

    The Police Officer performing the inspection will examine the cart to see if it complies with the requirements of the ordinance. In particular, they will look for and/or need to know:

    • Make/Model of the Cart
    • Vehicle Identification Number
    • Proof of Liability Insurance
    • Does it have a rear vision mirror?
    • Does it have rear reflectors?
    • If it is going to be operated at night, does it have proper lighting?
    • Do the brakes work?
    • Does the cart appear to be in safe operating condition?
  • ReadyNC.org

    Are you ready? Click on the ReadyNC.org logo to visit an excellent website to guide you to improving your level of disaster preparedness. Additional links are available on the CERT web page.

Community Watch Program

The work of the Police professionals is supplemented by the hardworking volunteers of the River Bend Community Watch. These volunteers patrol in their vehicles, on foot, and on bicycle to report suspicious activity and to maintain high visibility to protect their community. Some Watch members are also trained to work as volunteers in the police office.

For more information, or to join this group, you can call the River Bend Police Department at 252.638.1108.

Department Objectives

The River Bend Police Department will develop and implement programs in order to achieve the following objectives:

  • Foster and improve police/community relations and elicit public support
  • Identify real and potential community problems, concerns, and risks
  • Initiate actions to solve identified problems, alleviate concerns, and reduce or remove risks
  • Form a partnership with the community through the sharing of timely and relevant data

What is Community Policing?

Effective community policing has a positive impact on reducing neighborhood crime, helping to reduce fear of crime, and enhancing the quality of life in the community.

It accomplishes these things by combining the efforts and resources of the Police, local government, and community members. The partnership between these groups enhances public safety, awareness, and quality of life.



National Night Out

was a Great Success


Friends and neighbors turned out in big numbers on Tuesday, August 7, to enjoy musical entertainment, a picnic meal and to play games.

Participants had an opportunity to meet River Bend Police Officers, to learn about Community Watch, C.E.R.T, Rhems Volunteer Fire Department First Responders, the Community Organic Garden, the the Red Caboose Library, American Red Cross and the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

River Bend Community Watch sponsored this event.



River Bend Community Watch Earns

The President's Volunteer Service Award

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