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    River Bend Police Department
    Mission Statement

    IT IS THE MISSION of the River Bend Police Department to deliver professional, effective services, fairly and ethically, in order to prevent crime, control crime, and enhance the overall quality of life for our citizens and visitors. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of conduct while on duty serving our citizens. We seek to improve the quality of  life of our citizens through a community partnership based on respect, honesty, trust, compassion, fairness and understanding while upholding the laws of the United States and North Carolina Constitutions.

  • House Check Form


    to complete a

    House Check Form

    You may bring the completed form to Town Hall, to the Police Department or place it in the payment drop box in the Town Hall parking lot. You may mail the completed form to 45 Shoreline Drive. You also may email the form to the Police Department at:


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    River Bend Police Department

    Patrol Section

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    River Bend Police Department

    Investigation Section

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    Traffic Section

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  • Community Watch

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    River Bend's Community Watch

  • C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Team)

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  • Golf Carts as Transportation & Registration

    Golf Carts as Transportation

    River Bend residents may drive their properly equipped golf carts on Town streets provided that they are inspected by and registered with our Police Depart­ment. Inspection and registration are ­required annually. The registration fee for each golf cart is $10.

    For more information about golf carts

    as transportation roadways.


  • Golf Cart Inspection Process

    Golf Cart Inspection Process

    The Police Officer performing the inspection will examine the cart to see if it complies with the requirements of the ordinance. In particular, they will look for and/or need to know:

    • Make/Model of the Cart
    • Vehicle Identification Number
    • Proof of Liability Insurance
    • Does it have a rear vision mirror?
    • Does it have rear reflectors?
    • If it is going to be operated at night, does it have proper lighting?
    • Do the brakes work?
    • Does the cart appear to be in safe operating condition?
  • Officer Down Memorial Page

  • Governor's Highway Safety Program

  • ReadyNC.org

    Are you ready? CLICK HERE to visit an excellent website to guide you to improving your level of disaster preparedness. More links are available on the CERT Web Page.

  • Full-Time Positions

    Contact Police Chief Sean Joll to inquire about employment opportunities with the

    River Bend Police Department


  • Reserve Officer Positions

    Please call the River Bend Police Department for information regarding reserve officer positions.


  • Volunteer at the Police Department

    If you would like to serve as a volunteer in the

    River Bend Police Department, please call


    for information

  • Rhems Fire Department Address Markers

River Bend Chief of Police

The River Bend Police Department is dedicated to providing residents and visitors with a safe environment and exemplary police service. We are committed to providing a quality work atmosphere and developing our team through effective, timely training and progressive leadership. Through positive interaction with our neighbors, we will work to protect all people and property in our community. The Department, headed by Police Chief Sean Joll, has many resources and specialized personnel at its disposal. The River Bend Police Department is accredited by the North Carolina Training and Standards Commission. The River Bend Police Department is a department that boasts high morale and outstanding performance. Quality patrol vehicles are provided for our officers.

I encourage you to pursue the resources on our website to learn more about our Department. Thank you for your interest in the River Bend Police Department.

Sean Joll
Chief of Police



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